Grateful for the feedback

Mikaela M.

I first came to see Alicia when I fell in the snow on top of sugar loaf and ended up waking up to spasms in my back in the middle of the night. It was so bad that I couldn't even sit up and almost went to the hospital. I am an athlete in training for 2016 Olympics and wasn't able to train for almost 2 weeks. A friend of mine suggested seeing Alicia and even though I knew nothing about acupuncture I was desperate and decided to give it a try. Best decision ever!!! She treated that day and I was in the gym THAT night. The injury has not come back and since then she has healed several other injuries of mine. She treated me when I had spasms in my back, Slipped a disk in my neck, and when I had pains in my wrists and my sciatic nerve. Not only that but acupuncture has also helped me mentally. I have gained so much mental clarity from seeing Alicia and my stress levels have dropped. She is a healer!

Mercedes T.

I went to see Ally near the end of my pregnancy. I was planning a VBAC and had a ton of anxiety around that. Initially, I pursued acupuncture to help with proper positioning of my baby. But after the first session, it was clear to me that she was able to offer so SO much more. Through my sessions, I was able to completely resolve 100% of the fear and anxiety I had been experiencing, get to a place where I felt empowered and prepared, and completely emotionally grounded. As cliche as it sounds, these sessions changed my life and opened a door that I hadn't really considered before. Ally was so kind and giving and present with me and I'm so incredibly grateful for that. I couldn't recommend her more!

Jennifer L.

Alicia is incredible! I just finished my third session and I feel amazing! Never ever had I considered acupuncture until I was diagnosed with unknown chronic uticaria - hives/welts with extreme itching with no known cause. Allergy testing all came back negative, autoimmune disease testing all negative, and only moderate relief from being prescribed 3 antihistamines. That's when the doctors wanted me to start taking monthly injections - with side effects I just wasn't willing to take a chance on. I'm still on the antihistamines but I am confident that with Alicia's treatments I will be tapering off of them soon! Thank you, Alicia, for taking the time to truly get to know me and for providing a comprehensive treatment plan!! I highly encourage anyone and everyone to seek out Alicia's services!

Natalie H.

Alicia will change your life! From the moment you walk into her office, Alicia will make you feel comfortable and listened to. Her skills in pain management, energy work, stress relief and much more are the best I've found. I felt a change after the first session and drastic results after three. Her office overlooks the beautiful Marquette harbor and Lake Superior, which is therapeutic itself. At times I felt like she was reading my mind and knew exactly what I needed. Alicia is amazing!!

Jeanne M.

Alicia is an exceptional healer. It is an honor and privilege to write this testimony. I began acupuncture over a year ago for migraine headaches. I remember meeting Alicia for the first time. I had sensed something very different about this practitioner. Not only was she kind, but was compassionate in the way she responded to my needs. Alicia does not only focus on one’s physical complaints, she also encourages and focuses on healing the mind and spirit. She provides so much education at each appointment and encourages you to heal yourself through love and joy. Her personality alone is an inspiration and quite healing.

I have been on this journey with Alicia of healing my mind, body and spirit. She has introduced me to essential oils and flower essences. I have incorporated meditation, Yoga, visualization and affirmations. These holistic approaches have transformed me into a new person. A much happier person who is in tuned to self. As for my headaches, they are considerably less frequent and less intense. The synthetic medications are being taken less and less.  I have made an investment in me! I look forward to continue on this path of healing with Alicia. It has been quite remarkable. I am very thankful that Alicia has encouraged and inspired me to choose this path and journey in life.

Amy L.

Alicia is the most gifted Acupuncturist I have ever had the pleasure to go to! Originally from Chicago I had tried some of the best pracitionars that money could buy to help heal my RA. Alicia was the first one that treated me from the heart and successfully over time helped me gain my life back.

When I first saw Alicia I was unable to walk without difficulty, my hands were almost unusable, with her treatments and support I slowly regained my mobility and freed myself of the crippling pain that was making my life a living hell. Her guidance and ability to treat the cause from the heart was a true miracle for me.

Alicia puts her heart and soul into her work and she cares greatly for all she treats. She is a true blessing for us here. Words can not even express what a gift she has given me and my son for now he has his mother back. Healthy, strong and without the horrible drugs that would have ended my life prematurely.

Anyone looking for true health and happiness needs to see Alicia. Her gifts go beyond her medicine because they come from her beautiful God given heart. I feel very blessed to have been touched by such a great practitioner.

Cheri A.

From the moment I stepped in the door I felt the love and light of Alicia. I have had acupuncture elsewhere with somewhat positive outcomes but this treatment was life changing! The long term blockages from illness and emotional stress were lifted. I felt lighter and brighter than I have in many many years! I am able to continue to heal myself so that I can share the gifts I have been given with those around me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be treated by Alicia and encourage those around me to experience acupuncture at it finest and highest level of healing.

Jessica W.

Alicia Smith is extremely knowledgeable and gifted. I began acupuncture sessions with her (I had never done it before) and have been blown away by the healing power of acupuncture! Alicia has helped me move energies in my body and break old mental patterns that had been blocking me from reaching my full potential. I am only three weeks in, and I can truly say acupuncture is subtly changing my life. The experience of visiting Alicia at Acupuncture Office Marquette is one of peace, healing, relaxation and growth. Acupuncture needles don’t hurt; on the contrary. Being on the table, next to Lake Superior, warm and relaxed, is an incredibly healing experience. Alicia has helped me identify and lift inner blocks that I wasn't even aware of. I am very excited to continue my work with her. I am so grateful for the healing modality that is acupuncture and for Alicia’s gracious, kindhearted practice of this modality!

Ashley P.

I have been a patient of hers and I can’t begin to say how much I truly love and appreciate her!! I have never had a health care provider truly care about their patients like Alicia does. She is the most loving caring provider I have ever met. Not only does Alicia work out of her office in Marquette but she also takes the time to give her patients house calls (if they feel more comfortable and get better healing out of their home).  A little personal story of mine: When I first met Alicia I was on 9 different medications and you could say I was a mess! It’s been about a year and I’m off of every medication! I have been too many doctors for my endometriosis since I was 13 years old with no help for the severe pain I feel every month and treatments with Alicia has made it so much better for me! I have been to multiple specialists in many areas near and far; I was told that I have a 10% chance of getting pregnant and a 5% chance of carrying a baby. I am now pregnant with my first child and I’m in the end of my 2nd trimester. Each person is different but I feel the effects of the treatments help me very much not only with my ‘morning’ sickness that lasts all day long but they help with my leg cramps, low back pain, and it also helps with my emotions. I can definitely tell when I need another treatment!

I am so blessed that she is in my life I have prayed for years to find a ‘provider’ that just takes their time with me and that would actually care about me and I have finally found her! 

Sandy P.

Acupuncture has changed  my life!  From the first treatment I received from Alicia I knew that I had something I would never let go of.    I've had physical issues resolve gently while having acupuncture and can feel the effects for days afterwards.  I feel the energy flowing during my time on the table.  As a bonus and one that I hadn't anticipated was that my mind quiets and my body becomes calm.  That has been the best gift of all!! The methods that Alicia uses are unique each time I come in. She addresses whatever I happen to be dealing with but so much more.  Every time I come in for a treatment I feel nurtured and supported.  Alicia has an intuitive gift  and time and again she uses her sensing ability to bring me into balance. I'm often asked if it hurts...and the answer, for me, is no.  I usually don't feel the needles but I do feel the energy move!  Any discomfort I have felt has been minimal and so worth the outcomes I get!  I'd tolerate more just for that!Alicia has moved her practice away from where I live but I will travel to her to get the wonderful treatment she delivers.  She's dedicated and knowledgeable and I am so very glad I found her!  Acupuncture has been my means of healthcare since I starting receiving it and I will continue to use it as my way of staying healthy! Love Alicia and her wonderful gift!     

Heidi H.

Integrative medicine, the healing of the mind, body, and spirit is essential to being whole and alive. Alicia is a healer that is committed to restoring the vitality to one’s life. I recently lost my son in a traumatic event. It has left me shattered and lost. I have engaged in both conventional and integrative medicine to aid in the recovery of my being. I was fortunate to be introduced to Alicia. Her calm, compassionate presence combined with her exceptional skills as an acupuncturist have been a gift to me. Her intuitive abilities guide her therapy. Each session is unique and the style of acupuncture she utilizes is determined by what her intuition feels is most healing and beneficial. She is restoring my spirit and continues to walk beside me on my path to wholeness.    

Laura M.

Ally’s expertise and healing advice is what kept my heart alive during the very difficult time when my boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer. As a medical professional, she approached this scenario with heart and compassion. She has an intuitive understanding of the body, mind, and soul and I would highly recommend speaking with Ally if you are ever in need of a medical consultation, or healing advice!

Brit G.

Have you had a "ah-ha" moment with your health care provider? If no, then you do not have to look any further. Alicia can connect the dots effortlessly with knowledge and confidence that will enable you to look objectively at yourself. To tackle obstacles that impede your personal growth and most importantly to do it with heart!

Jill J.

Alicia is a very knowledgeable and gifted professional practicing the healing arts ....she is a skilled acupuncturist with a gentle approach and brings forth effective results....she is able to provide effective treatment for many ailments....she ALWAYS makes me feel better by getting to the heart of the matter .....she also has a wonderful way with children my boys love her care!!!

I highly recommend trying a session with Alicia! I am Always recharged in body mind and spirit after a session with her.

Tiffany G.

Alicia is an amazing woman with many gifts. She is also very generous in sharing her gifts for the betterment of humans everywhere. She has helped my family and I in so many light-giving healthful ways. Thank you Alicia!

Beth O.

Alicia is an amazing gifted intuitive healer. She's not only helping me to feel better, she's helping me learn about myself and grow from it! That makes me so happy. :-) I'm very grateful to have Alicia in my life.

Kerry Y.

Not only is Alicia one of the most accredited acupuncturists you can find, she's also one of the most compassionate. She puts her heart into her work, she puts her patients' needs above ego, and she succeeds in creating a space where all people - of all walks of life - can feel heard and healed. Marquette is truly lucky to have such a practitioner!

John P.

 I have been seeking treatment for injuries sustained while on active duty in the U.S. Air Force, and was frustrated with the limited relief of my pain through the various treatments offered by modern medical therapies and medications. When my Physician suggested Acupuncture as a possible helpful solution to my medical problems I was a bit wary that it would be of any benefit to me. After my first visit to Alicia Smiths Acupuncture Practice I was awestruck in how helpful a completely painless and comforting treatment could be. Not only was the treatment able to relieve some of my pain, but also reduced the muscle spasms I have had for the last 25+ years. The treatment room was also conducive to the healing process as it induces a feeling of peace and serenity, allowing me to feel very comfortable and also to feel the treatment changing both my physical and mental state. My only regret is not finding such a wonderful, drug-free resolution to my medical difficulties!

Mara J.

I absolutely love Alicia! She is so sweet, warm, loving, and kind! She helped me through one of the toughest times in my life, fighting cancer! She is an incredible person and her acupuncture does wonders! Alicia is such an amazing person not only with her work abilities but in her personal connection with clients as well! I have been seeing her for about a year now, I started seeing her when I was being tested for cancer. And now a year later after surgery and radiation treatment I am still on my feet. This girl is truly amazing, she has helped me with acupuncture and hypnosis, she can most definitely work miracles!

Shaina O.

Alicia is an exceptional acupuncturist, I've been treated by her for years. Her treatments have lasting effects and her gentle and nurturing manor makes her excellent for all ages. Alicia's intuitive nature offers an extra insight that reaches deeper to the heart of her patients and heals from the inside out. Her treatments never fail to ignite an inner spark that I feel heals physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances with me.!

Jacob C.

Alicia is a brilliant acupuncturist (and the most impressive intuitive I've ever met). I became ill in 2013 and had spent the better part of a year and thousands of dollars trying treatments out at a number of hospitals before she and a colleague helped me. Within a week, my symptoms had diminished and after a couple months, I was finally feeling like myself again. Now, she is a trusted healer and advisor to me. I could go on forever about how great her practice is!

Tara D.

Alicia is amazing. Her acupuncture skills are precise, gentle and effective. She has helped me in so many ways. Sleeping, ovarian cysts, anxiety/stress issues, back pain my overall well being has improved. She has made me a firm believer in needling and a life long patient of hers. I believe everyone can benefit from her gift and have send well over 50 people to her. I have receive hugs and many thank you from them all. Not one person was unhappy with her treatment. As a professional and business owner I truly appreciate when I come across a fellow professional and Alicia is just that. A true professional. Cheers to many more years of utilizing Acupuncture of Marquette. 

Kristen G.

So grateful that Alicia now has office hours in Escanaba! Before, I would and did drive the hour up to Marquette for her treatments, which are amazing. I started receiving acupuncture after recommendations from my local Western and holistic medicine docs. Without me saying a word at my first visit, Alicia knew intuitively what my issues were and addressed them in my treatment. And it's true what o...others have posted: Alicia has a very gentle touch, and I barely noticed when she inserted the needles. What I did notice was an immediate shift in energy - if I came in tired I left energized; if I came in stressed I left feeling peaceful. Exactly what I needed each visit! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is very gifted, and I am pleased by my results with her treatments. Thanks, Alicia!

Angela L.

Alicia is one of the most gifted people I have ever met.. She is so peaceful and gentle, I felt so comfortable with her right away. I learned so much about myself in one visit. I have never felt more balanced, at peace and happy. It was so enlightening and one of the best experiences of my life. I feel so blessed that Alicia was brought into my life.... I could never thank her enough!