Alicia Smith Acupuncturist


Whether you landed here from a trusted referral or just browsing, I am glad you here. I offer a variety of styles of acupuncture. Overall, I tend to have a very gentle style of acupuncture regardless of the tradition I pull from. What I see in clinic includes pain management, women’s health, emotional health and pediatrics.

My master level training from Seattle included general family healthcare. My doctoral training from San Francisco included dual concentrations in advanced pain management and women’s health. My doctoral research is focused on PTSD.

Originally from Appleton, WI, it has been comforting to be close to Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. I appreciate what a city offers but feel much more connected to nature in a smaller town located near water.

I am so grateful to practice gentle acupuncture in the UP of Michigan.  I will see you in Escanaba or Marquette, eh?


Professional Education: 

Associates of Art with Honor Northern Michigan University Marquette, Marquette, MI

Bachelors of Science in Natural Health Sciences Bastyr University, Seattle, WA 

Master of Science in Acupuncture Bastyr University, Seattle, WA

Doctorate of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Candidate California Institute of Integral Studies (American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine), San Francisco, CA


Jill Esterly-Jayne Therapist

Jill is a board certified, master's level clinical social worker. Jill has extensive experience working with depression, anxiety, and trauma. Jill and Alicia work cohesively with clearing trauma. Jill specializes in mood disorders and stress management. She emphasizes self-empowerment, personal growth and the clearing/ transformation of emotional pain and suffering. Jill offers a compassionate open minded ear to speak to while utilizing her knowledge base to piece together a holistic treatment protocol focused on putting all your missing pieces in alignment. Jill teaches self activation and assisting in clients to become their most authentic self. Healing is the ability to find the peace within the storm. Jill kindly teaches her clients methods of coping with stress and balancing the mind, body, and spirit. 

Professional Education:

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sociology  Luther College Decorah, IA

Bachelor of science in Psychology Northern Michigan University Marquette, MI

Master of Clinical Social Work Michigan State University East Lansing, MI


Mary McCarthy Holistic Counseling Services

I offer counseling services to adults and children.

I also offer Heart-Centered Clinical Hypnotherapy *

I treat clients for:






School or job related stress

Relationship issues

My focus is always to help clients find the inner resources necessary to resolve their difficulties. Through integration of body, mind, spirit, I help clients to achieve greater health and happiness.


Certified in Heart-Centered Clinical Hypnotherapy

Master’s Degree in Social Work and Master’s Degree in Education Counseling

Practitioner of body-mind therapy-- Structural Integration or Rolfing-- for 10 years

Professional training in various energy modalities,  i.e. Ch Kung, Craniosacral Therapy, EFT

Professional mindfulness training – “Mindsight”

20 years experience in educational settings as teacher and counselor

Counselor in rehabilitation center for addiction

*Hypnotherapy is becoming a more and more common practice for treating some fairly prevalent health and psychological issues. Industry trends indicate that hypnotherapy techniques are being acknowledged as the most effective method for treating some of these common ailments, rather than the use of basic hypnosis, which tends to only provide a temporary solution that does not get to the root of the underlying issue.  Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy integrates proven hypnotherapy techniques into the work such as ego states, body memories, wisdom of the body, transpersonal realm of experiences.